In the following article we are going to explain how to edit a project created in the provek platform.

1.- Let's take the example that the project has a start date January 2022 and an end date July 2022. As shown below:

2.- Go to the my projects menu and click on the Edit project icon.

3.- The window with which we initially created the project appears and we are going to change the end date for the new date to change, we click on the save button and the following question appears: Are you sure that the data are correct? Click on the accept button

Now, if we go to the project file icon to see the new monthly folders, we find that the new folders are not shown until December. If we can see the end date of the project until December, but the December folders are not shown

This is because we also have to edit the supplier so that the platform also creates the monthly folders for the supplier.

Therefore, we perform the following procedure.

1.- Go to the my projects menu.

2.- click on the icon VIEW PROJECT PROVIDER of the project we are modifying the project date.

3.- The following window appears and we click on the edit supplier icon

4.- In the following window we will disable the option VALID DURING THE ENTIRE PROJECT.

5.- Now the window is shown as follows and we must set the same date we set when we edited the project in this example DECEMBER 2022 and click the save button.

6.- Once the changes have been saved we go to the icon see file

7.- We will be able to see the new folders with the date range that we modified of the project and the supplier. And that was changed until December 2022.

and in this way we will be able to modify the date of the projects created on the provek platform.