In the following video we will explain how to assign the employees of a project by months. When this situation applies we will explain a little bit.

Previously, the platform worked as follows.

Let's make an example:

1.- create a project for 12 months.

2.- 4 employees were registered on a biweekly basis.

3.- the platform determined that if 4 employees were registered for 2 fortnights that represents the month. The supplier had to upload 8 XML per month during all the months.

Note: but what happened if one of those 4 employees did not work in January and March? Well, the supplier had to terminate the employee in January and that would cause the employee to be deleted from all the months. But in February the employee did work. Therefore, he had to reinstate the employee in February.

I finished loading his payroll in February, and again the employee did not work in March. So, he had to terminate the employee's employment again. And this procedure had to be done every time an employee did not work in a specific month.

Therefore, in order to perform a more agile and optimized procedure, the new function was added to EMPLOYEE MANAGEMENT BY MONTH. This way, once we assign the employees to the project and only if they are assigned. We will be able to tell the platform of all assigned employees. Which ones worked in which month and which ones did not work in any month. In this way you will be able to load your XML exactly only for the workers that were assigned to the month in question.

The procedure is shown in the following video: