Next we are going to explain how to assign the RIF specialized services template for suppliers that have the FISCAL INCORPORATION REGIME.

It should be noted that these suppliers may already have a project assigned in the provek platform, so you have to perform the following steps to be able to assign a new RIF template and a new project.

Steps to follow:

1. let's explain the following scenario. We assume that the supplier in question has already assigned a project. already uploaded information. so the project was created as follows.

Project: from January to December.

if the supplier has not yet finished the project mentioned above, the ADMINISTRATOR must edit the project and reduce months or remove months to set the end of the project no longer in December, but in the month that is right now, that is, the current month and that would be the last month in that project; example: August.

2.     Once finished the previous project that had the standard template of specialized services, the administrator has to go to the menu ABC SUPPLIER and edit the information of the supplier and add the regime with key 621: FISCAL INCORPORATION.

3.- Now that the regime has been added to the supplier, we are going to create a new project and when selecting the supplier, we must change the template that has SPECIALIZED SERVICES selected to RIF SPECIALIZED SERVICES.

this way the system will request a different validity to the tax documents such as:

  • Monthly ISR declaration
  • Payment of the ISR declaration
  • Monthly IVa declaration
  • Payment of the VAT declaration.

The system will only ask for these documents in certain months and not in all of them. Below is a video showing how to perform this procedure.