The Foreign template has the following documents that the supplier must upload to the provek portal, these documents are required to qualify as an official supplier of the contracting company. These documents have a one-time or annual validity.


Once uploaded, they require verification of the Administrator Role

Copy of the Articles of Incorporation, Certificate of Existence or Subsistence or equivalent document proving the legal identity of the foreign supplier.Only
Copy of Power of Attorney or Document that accredits the powers of the foreign supplier's signatory in the contract to be agreed uponOnly
Signed contract for the provision of services or purchase of materialsOnly
Letter provided by the foreign supplier, indicating the TAX ID or Tax Identification Number in your country.Only
Sketch of the supplier's location (by Geolocation of the supplier, through the Google Maps website or any other application that allows locating the exact and recent address of the supplier).Only
Slides or executive document that has been submitted defining the main activity and the provision of the service or alienation of materials, of the foreign supplier.Only
Imagen o Screenshot de Página Web de Internet activa del Proveedor ExtranjeroOnly