In the following article we are going to explain how to assign the employees to the projects assigned to us as a supplier.

it is worth mentioning that in the provek platform there are 2 employee procedures:

1.- Register the employees that we have in our payroll template, we share a link on how to register employees from a supplier: See Article

2.- Assign the employees already registered to my projects.

in this case we are going to explain the second point.

1.-Go to the my projects menu and click on the view details icon.

2.- Click on the icon VIEW EMPLOYEES

3.- The following window appears where it shows us 3 buttons in which in this case we are only going to use the button ASSIGN EMPLOYEE TO PROJECT, as we can see no employee is shown. Although at this point we have already registered our employees.

4.- Click on the ASSIGN EMPLOYEES TO PROJECT button and the list of employees that we have already registered in the provek platform will be displayed. But now we have to tell the platform which of all our employees worked on the project assigned to us. So, we are only going to select the employees who worked on this project.

As shown below and click the ASSIGN SELECTED button.

and a window will appear asking if you are sure you want to assign the selected employees to this project? We must click on the confirm button

5.- Once the Assign Selected button is clicked, the following window is displayed, the first one does not show the employees we selected, i.e., only the employees that are not yet assigned to the projects are shown

6.- We close the window of the employees that are not yet assigned and now the window that we initially opened will be shown, but with the difference that now the employees that are already assigned to the project are shown.

7.- and to finish the process just click on the close button and we have finished assigning the employees to the project. At this point you can load the payrolls of your employees.

8.- We go to the icon of VIEW EXPEDIENT and load the payroll of the months that correspond to the project.