In the following article we are going to explain how to download the electronic invoice of the infonavit, this is with the objective that in the case of not having the requested document: SUA Statement (Form for the payment of labor and employer contributions, contributions and amortizations) "Linea de captura". They can present, in the case of bimonthly validity, the infonavit invoice and the imss invoice.

Every month you must collect the Electronic Invoices of your purchases and expenses, this is no exception when it comes to the payments made to Infonavit. Every two-month period that you make the payment of employer contributions, you must collect the XML's and PDF's from Infonavit.

Employers will be able to have their tax receipt from the 5th day after the payment has been made.

To download the receipts for the Infonavit payments you must first have access to the official portal and once you are registered, you must request the issuance.  Enter the Infonavit Business Portal

First of all, if you are an employer and you need to download the Infonavit digital receipts online, you must be registered in the "Portal Empresarial" (Business Portal). To register in the Infonavit portal you only need the Employer Registration Number (NRP) and an email address and then you will be asked for the following data to validate the employer who registers:

  1. Date of registration with the IMSS.
  2. Total value of the Advance Bimonthly Issue (EBA) issued by the IMSS, corresponding to Infonavit (concept, Housing and ACV) for the two-month period indicated. If you have any doubts, click on "See example".
  3. Full name and surname, RFC, CURP and telephone number of the legal representative.
  4. A password between 8 and 12 alphanumeric characters, one of them must be capitalized.
  5. Click the Create Account button.

If the data is correct, the system will notify you that the password has been sent to the e-mail address you registered and you will be able to enter the Infonavit Business Portal.

Once inside the business portal you will be able to request the download of the tax receipts through the Internet. In the "My Procedures" section you will find the tax receipt option and click on it.

You must fill out the billing information carefully because if you make a mistake you will be asked to go to the SAT offices to update your information.

When you click on "Generate Receipt" you will be asked if the information you entered is correct and if everything is correct you must click on "Yes, I want to generate receipt".

After you enter the address data you will be able to download the period you need, as long as the payment was made 5 days before your consultation.

You will be able to download both the XML and the PDF of your Infonavit Digital Tax Receipt via Internet. Below is the printed version of these Electronic Invoices.

It is worth mentioning that in case of not being able to present the format requested by the SUA Declaration platform (Format for payment of labor and employer contributions, contributions and amortizations) "Line of capture" with BIMONTHLY validity, you may present its equivalents in both INFONAVIT INVOICE and IMSS INVOICE.