In the following article we are going to explain why there are cases where the requested document, whether it is a monthly VAT or ISR return, has a status of rejected.

We assume that the platform requests the following documents on a monthly basis

  • Monthly Income Tax Return 
  • Income Tax Return Payment Voucher
  • Monthly VAT Return
  • VAT declaration payment voucher

The following is an example of each document and the correct format to be uploaded

Monthly Income Tax Return (in these cases two formats of the return can be filed: 2021 and 2022).

Formato 1
Formato 2

Once the tax return is filed and following the correct process, which would be to generate the online payment, the following document is generated. Call ACKNOWLEDGEMENT OF RECEIPT

this document is generated so that the taxpayer obtains the line of capture and can make the online payment.

an example of the Acknowledgement of Receipt document is added.

Normally, it contains 3 pages, in the first one the taxes that are generated to pay are presented, in the second page the line of capture is presented where the information is taken to make the payment, and in the third page the banks where the payment can be made are shown.


The next step is to make the payment. Once the payment has been completed, the following document is generated, which is the payment voucher

The following is an example of a payment voucher for either ISR or VAT taxes

As you can see, the ISR/IVA payment voucher is almost exactly the same as the ACCEPTANCE OF RECEIPT. However, the payment voucher has 2 characteristics that differentiate it

1.- It is the title of the document: REGISTERED INFORMATION OF FEDERAL TAX PAYMENTS.

2.- And on the third page it shows where the tax payment was received.

After explaining the process and how to obtain the documents of the monthly returns, either VAT or ISR, the possible causes of the status REJECTED are listed.

  1. When you are asked to upload the VAT/ISR return, they upload the ACKNOWLEDGMENT OF RECEIPT, which is incorrect.
  2. When they are asked to upload the VAT/ISR return they upload a pdf with the information shown in the image, which is incorrect (you have to upload the official document downloaded from the SAT) if the document in question does not allow you to select any document title or amount, this document is not valid and the platform will reject it.
  3. In the case of the payment voucher, since it is almost the same as the acknowledgement of receipt document, they get confused and load the acknowledgement of receipt, when it should be the payment voucher.
  4. If at any time they edit or manipulate the official document downloaded from the portal, the platform will detect it and reject it because it was manipulated and no pdf should be manipulated, it is taken as an invalid document.