Next we are going to explain why the social security compliance opinion is constantly being rejected. 

Previously in the IMSS portal the opinion document was downloaded and contained the validity of the document which was 30 days. But now the government agency made an update in which the document will be valid only for 23:59 minutes from the moment it was generated. 

You can visit the official website

Therefore, based on the information provided by the IMSS website, you should perform the following procedure.

  1. The document is valid for one month in the provek platform, i.e., the social security compliance opinion document must be uploaded every month.
  2. The document must be uploaded on the same day it is generated from the IMSS platform and such document is only valid for 23 hours and 59 minutes.

That is, if the document is generated today, but is uploaded two days after the generation date, or if the previous document is uploaded but does not have the validity of 23 hours, the platform will mark it as rejected. The platform will mark it as rejected. Therefore, it must be uploaded within 23 hours after the document was generated.