Incident Levels


Critical. - Any platform problem that affects access in its entirety.



  • The portal is down and there is no access to the platform.
  • The user cannot access the platform due to a login error.



Response time: 0 to 6 business hours.




High. - Any platform problem that affects the productivity of the users and/or supplier. The platform can be used, but in a limited way. The situation has a moderate impact on the business and can be dealt with during business hours. A single user or supplier is affected.



  • Unable to upload documents by users.
  • Some criteria are not being validated within the tool.
  • Documents uploaded to the platform cannot be viewed.


Response time: 6 to 24 business hours.




Medium. - Any platform problem that generates a minimal impact on the business. The problem is important but does not generate a significant impact on productivity or current service for the user / supplier. A single user suffers partial disruption, but there is an acceptable workaround.



  • Does not allow information to be filtered effectively.
  • A permissive is not being applied to a user.
  • A report shows some inconsistency
  • Data is not allowed to be downloaded



Response time: 24 to 48 business hours.




Low. - Any problem that does not limit in any way the operation of the platform.   It does not limit the fundamental objective of the platform and allows it to continue operating normally.  The incidence is perceived as an inconsistency that could be considered a suggestion for improvement to make a more efficient process or obtain a faster, more efficient or accurate result.



  • Does not show a piece of data that helps in the analysis of the information.
  • Does not allow filtering by a specific criterion.


Response time: 48 to 72 business hours




Case Resolution

  • The resolution of cases varies depending on the reported problem.  The resources to solve a problem are in the following order:
  1. Knowledge base
  2. Email
  3. Call
  • The support ticket will not be closed until the reported issue is resolved or the case is cancelled.



Service Policy Conditions


  • Response times apply to platform incidents, not to new requirements or functionalities requested by the customer.
  • SLAs do not apply to failures that may occur due to changes in SAT requirements, new formats in the official validation documents or any incident that occurs due to a sudden change in processes external to NASA.  The times considered for correction and updating will be considered in each case.
  • Hours of operation Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 7:00 pm Mexico City time, excluding holidays, incidents with urgent category will be attended 24/7.
  • The response hours apply to office hours, i.e., if the response time was assigned to 48 hrs. The office hours would cover 10 hours (working day), therefore, the response time would be 4.8 working days.