The purpose of the following article is to help all personnel with an administrative and operative role in the correct use and administration of the provek platform. The following is a step-by-step description of what should be done in order to optimally manage all suppliers that are registered on the platform.

1.- Suppliers Menu (You can manage, upload and control the supplier information).

2.- ABC Suppliers (To register or suppliers)

3.-Massive Supplier Upload (To register more than 5 up to 300 suppliers at the same time)

4.-How to create projects for suppliers (Menu where the supplier will upload the specialized services documents).

5.- How to register users (To register new internal users of the company)

6.-How to authorize documents (Procedure performed by the administrator to verify and authorize the uploaded documents).

7.-How to validate the status of a supplier in Art.69 of the Federal Tax Code.

8.- Documentos ejemplo provek ( Articulo donde se muestran los ejemplos de que doc. debe cargar)

Sample Documents Supplier Templates