In the following article we are going to explain the process that must be carried out to load the payroll. The following are the steps to follow:

1.- Before uploading your employees' payrolls, you must first register your employees. See the following article ¿How to Register Employees of a Supplier? 

2.-Then assign the employee to the project: see the following article ¿How to assign an employee to my projects?

3.- Now you will be able to upload your employee's payroll.

Now, in the following article we are going to explain the 2 scenarios that can occur when loading payroll of your employees.


A) Here a question arises: How does the platform calculate how much XML we should load?

1.- to determine how many XML the platform requests, the platform performs the following operation which is: total number of employees times the periodicity

Example: 5 employees X 4 Weeks (total weeks in a month) = 20 XML. This would be the total of XML that the platform would be requesting.

2.- if there is no XML missing and the 20 XML requested are loaded automatically, the platform validates the XML and shows a list of the validated XML and when saving the status of the document will change to LOADED (green color) that means that all the payrolls were loaded without any problem and the process is finished.


B) we take the example of the 20 XML requested by the platform.

1.- It is given when some worker did not work some weeks or started to work in the middle of the month or in any case where the employee does not have the 4 weeks of the month.  Therefore, as they do not have all the XML of the supplier, they do not reach the XML requested by the platform in this example "20 XML".  Then you must perform the following action.

2.- Once loaded all the XML that you have for the month you are loading.  Press the FINISH LOAD button, this button will ask you the reason why you do not have the 20 XML requested by the platform. You must add it, then click on save or accept depending on the case and the status of the document will change to PENDING AUTHORIZATION (yellow color).

And the administrator of the contracting company will authorize the XML uploaded and when he/she authorizes it, the status will change to uploaded (green). However, your task ends until the moment you load the payroll and its status changes to PENDING TO AUTHORIZE (yellow color).

And with this last step you finish the payroll upload process. With two different payroll loading scenarios.